Conference Themes

The Asia Pacific Tropical Climate Conservation Art Research Net-work (APTCCARN) is a collaborative effort to explore the history and preservation of cultural material in Asia and the Pacific. Traditional and relatively recent works of art are important in terms of national identity and memory, yet research on their preservation has not been a major focus of research in our region. Our focus on works of art made in "international" and "traditional" styles and techniques reveals important information about the culture and conditions in the region.

APTCCARN (Asia Pacific Tropical Climate Conservation Art Research Network) comprises of a group of researchers whose work focuses on art produced during the twentieth century in the Asia-Pacific region. This research is informed by art historical research, art curatorial practice and conservation and scientific inquiry. APTCCARN provides a forum for the identification and discussion of research focusing on the conservation and scientific analysis of cultural materials in the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2015, APTCCARN will hold its 4th Meeting in Taiwan at the Conservation Center, Cheng Shiu University, Taiwan. With a focus on Asia Pacific's diverse climate and history, the meeting aims to embrace cultural materials conservation in the region, lessons learnt and ways forward.

Issues such as developing a regional practice of conservation within the needs, resources, communtities and geographic place will be addressed for locally informed decision making. This is in light of recent extreme weather events, the current reality of the environment and sustainable practices. It is also a targeted forum for the dissemination and discussion of regionally relevant preservation solutions for Southeast Asia's vast cultural record by bringing together international experts engaged with the conservation of material culture in hot, humid climates to this event in Taiwan.

This meeting is in collaboration between Cheng Shiu University, Taiwan and the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation (University of Melbourne, Australia) under the auspices of APTCCARN.

  2015 Conference Themes:

• The effect of tropical climates on cultural materials

• Their unique degradation mechanisms

• The environment and current realities of collections care in tropical climates

• Standards and principles of conservation practice in tropical climates

• The impact of Asia Pacific culture and geography on artists' material choices,

    techniques and artists' intentions